Four Key Values to Discover on a Test Drive of a Transcription Service

When you buy a new car, you test drive it to assure that it gets good gas mileage, is safe, is of high quality, and that you like it! It’s a simple test that may take some of your valuable time, but it is an investment; you want the best, for comfort and efficiency. With something as important as medical and legal transcription, you ought to test drive it first. A transcription company that will allow you to send a couple of reports to “test drive” their services is a good idea.

Ensure it is accurate and efficient

The final report of your transcription must be accurate. With a car, you cannot have a leak, a broken part, or a slow engine. A leak on your transcription could be related to a security issue. You want to ensure that the most confidential information will never be shared. The trust involved in medical or legal transcription is paramount, for without it your work will lack value. You must trust your transcription company implicitly to maintain an ongoing relationship. It is of great importance to have the highest security possible with your transcription company.

In addition, the accuracy of the report is of the high significance. A misspelled name, diagnosis, or term can be disastrous to a medical or legal professional. Experienced transcriptionists are of great value to the client AND the professionals rendering the service, for neither to become entangled in the potential of a lawsuit in medical transcription or a mistrial in a court case.

Lastly, in today’s world, everything is moving so fast that you need a quick engine, or turnaround time, to be efficient. A 24-hour real-time response is so valuable to keep up the pace of work. Waiting is the last thing you want to do.

A guarantee that it is secure and confidential

HIPAA regulations for healthcare are tight. The three areas of HIPAA compliance include: administrative measures to assure the information is accurate and available to the concerned parties, physical measures to ensure the PHI is safe on the devices themselves, and technical measures to protect networks and devices from data breaches.

Protecting patient information is important to not only the patient himself, but also to the doctor, hospital, insurance company, the government, the law, and any individual that comes in contact with the information, including the transcription service. That’s why it’s so important to have a safe service that you can feel secure with in releasing confidential information. Having a secure file transfer service 24/7, HIPAA-compliant SFTP, and full tech support will give you confidence that your information is safe as it travels over the airwaves.

A pledge for high quality reports

Not only is grammar and punctuation important, but so is the understanding of terms in a particular industry because often reports will be part of a legal record. Your transcriptionist needs to be well-versed in your particular industry, whether it is medical, legal, or insurance terminology, so that your report is of the highest quality and receives a five-star rating. Templates and macros add a bonus to your work that make it stand out, kind of like fancy wheels or a superb tint job on the windows of a car.

Insist that it is professional yet personal

You want to love your new ride! And loving your transcription service is not much different. A tool that you use on a daily or regular basis should be enjoyable, and not a burden. Personal service, with double-checked analysis, will give you confidence and contentment that can develop into a lasting relationship.

So go ahead, test drive a new transcription service. If you are having issues with any of the core values of a transcription service, whether it’s mistakes, security, quality, or personal service, contact QualityType, LLC, for a free test drive of two transcriptions.