About Us

At QualityType, we value relationships.

I’m Rhonda Sielinsky

From its earliest beginnings, the company was founded to provide outstanding personal customer service, and many of our clients have relied on us for years.  We know each one by name and take pride in helping them meet their professional goals.

QualityType, LLC, is owned by Rhonda Sielinsky, who has worked as a full-time transcriptionist since 1994.  To ensure timely and professional service, she employs a team of experienced transcriptionists who are equally committed to accuracy and confidentiality. 

Based in Montana, we serve clients in every time zone across the United States.

“I have been continuously impressed with Rhonda’s work at Quality Type. I am impressed by both her timely turnaround and her excellent accuracy, even her transcription of a subspecialty vocabulary like endocrinology.”

~ Dr.Michael Shannon

“Rhonda is very customer oriented and willing to go the extra mile to make things easier for her clients.”

~ Rick Dillman

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