QualityType, LLC provides a variety of transcription services, specializing in medical and legal transcription.

What We Do

We appreciate variety and take pride in meeting the needs of professionals in unique and specialized fields.  We promise fast turn-around times, accuracy, and outstanding customer service.

Our team of transcriptionists is well versed in dental, vision, general practice, internal medicine, orthopedic, psychiatric and psychology, chiropractic, and neurology as well as many other medical specialties.

We are experienced in providing accurate transcriptions for those who speak English as a second language.



  • SOAP/clinic notes
  • Acute care/hospital notes
  • IME/QME and Record Review Reports
  • Workers’ Compensation Reports
  • Case Management Reviews


  • Judicial transcripts
  • Deposition transcripts
  • Witness interviews
  • Forensic Reports

We are a medical/legal expert consulting company that provides expert reports that are then admitted to court as legal, binding testimony. Rhonda was able to learn the format for our specialized reports quickly and her transcription skills are above par. She is always willing to assist us with last minute changes or deadlines that arise.

"Rhonda Sielinsky has exceptional organizing and multitasking skills. In addition, she has an eye for detail that gives her an edge over others. I have found Rhonda to be, conscientious, honest, confidential, hard - working, and reliable. Rhonda Sielinsky has my highest recommendation."

Melissa Mitchell

"Rhonda is the owner and hands-on manager of an exceptionally high-quality transcription company. I have worked closely with Rhonda for many years now and am continually impressed by her impeccable work ethics. Her company is a force to be reckoned with in the transcription industry, consistently exceeding all her client’s expectations, and I would not hesitate to refer anyone with transcription needs to Rhonda."

Robin Service

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